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Grochem product

A plant growth regulator used for increased budbreak and flowering of kiwifruit and flower synchronization of apples.

Grochem product

A liquid calcium nitrate solution for boosting calcium levels in apples and the correction of calcium deficiencies in most crops, fruit and vines.

Grochem product

For bloom thinning, vigour control and retrn bloom enhancement in apples and ripening tomatoes, early apples and kiwifruit. Also for the supression of annual poa seedhead in turf.

Grochem product

For the control of Mealybugs, Scales, Froggatt's Apple Leafhopper and Whitefly on pipfruit, grapes, golden queen peaches, citrus, kiwifruit, tamarillo, persimmon and greenhouse crops.

Grochem product
Excel Oil

Narrow range paraffinic mineral oil.

Grochem product
Excel Organic Oil

For control of scale on kiwifruit, armoured scale, six spot and greenhouse thrips on avocados, scale, aphids and mites on citrus, pip and stonefruits, powdery mildew on grapes.

Grochem product
Excel Plus

Enhanced horticultural mineral oil spreader for insecticides.

Grochem product
Excel Spring Oil

For control of scale on kiwifruit and scale and mites on citrus, pip and stonefruits.

Grochem product

A fully soluble powder complete with Trace Elements for in season use to stimulate growth and yields.

Grochem product
Fertigate O

Fully soluble high potassium fertigation powder.