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Grochem product
BioBit DF

An organic insecticide for the control of caterpillars on fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops.

Grochem product

For the Biological Control of Botrytis, Powdery Mildew and Sour Rot on Grapes; Botrytis on Berryfruit, Kiwifruit and Onions, and various diseases on Citrus, Lettuce and Turf.

Grochem product

An insecticide for the control of codling moth on apples, pears and leafroller on apples, pears, kiwifruit, grapes and stonefruit (not on cherries) and avocados.

Grochem product

For the control of Mealybugs, Scales, Froggatt's Apple Leafhopper and Whitefly on pipfruit, grapes, golden queen peaches, citrus, kiwifruit, tamarillo, persimmon and greenhouse crops.

Grochem product
Excel Oil

Narrow range paraffinic mineral oil.

Grochem product
Excel Organic Oil

For control of scale on kiwifruit, armoured scale, six spot and greenhouse thrips on avocados, scale, aphids and mites on citrus, pip and stonefruits, powdery mildew on grapes.

Grochem product
Excel Spring Oil

For control of scale on kiwifruit and scale and mites on citrus, pip and stonefruits.

Grochem product
Garrison Rapid

Pruning wound dressing to protect against silverleaf in pip and stone fruit. Also protects against European Canker.

Grochem product
Grochem Lime Sulphur

Fungicide, acaricide, insecticide. Blossom thinner to optimise fruit load.

Grochem product

For the control of Blackspot and Powdery Mildew of Pipfruit, Brown Rot of Stonefruit and Scab of Citrus.