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Grochem product

A liquid potassium, calcium, magnesium and boron fertilizer to activate plant metabolism.

Grochem product
Ambitious 10SL

A very active plant growth regulator for sizing kiwifruit and apples

Grochem product

Plant growth regulator for reducing fruit set, increasing fruit size and improving firmness of harvested apples.

Grochem product
BB5 Platinum

The newly patented ultimate spray water conditioner with the built-in pH indicator.

Grochem product

Liquid formulation containing attractants that can direct honey bees to treated blossoms for improved crop pollination.

Grochem product

A liquid boron super-complex derived from plant carbohydrates.

Grochem product

A liquid calcium and boron super-complex derived from plant carbohydrates.

Grochem product
Campbells Boost-It

A fully soluble combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements for promoting growth in fruit and vegetable crops also containing growth stimulants and a sticker to maximise plant uptake.

Grochem product
Campbells Bud-Wiser Dry

A fully soluble combination of three essential elements; boron, zinc and magnesium, for use especially in pome fruit, but also in grapes and berries, stone fruit, kiwifruit and a full range of other horticultural crops.

Grochem product
Campbells Calcium 175

A uniquely buffered calcium chloride solution for foliar application for the control of storage disorders in all fruit crops, particularly bitter pit control on pome fruits (apples and pears).