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We Listen

Growers, consultants and farmers tell our technical people about their unique problems. This allows us to provide innovative, cost-effective professional solutions designed specifically for local conditions.

We Research & Develop

Approved many times for Technology NZ funding, we use independent R&D carried out by research professionals such as Plant & Food Research and AgFirst Consultants. This ensures R&D and all trial results are independent and well researched. Our range of products includes true innovations as well as the conventional quality products. Our motto is “adopt & adapt”. Adopt good technologies and adapt for your conditions.

We Deliver

We deliver peace of mind. Affordable, quality products with independently proven efficacy to growers.

About Grochem

We have been manufacturing right here in NZ for more than 20 years. Our initial development was based in liquid and powder foliar fertilisers and high-quality fertigation for cut flowers and horticulture in general.

We are now a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable options for growers including plant nutrition, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.

Our business continues to grow rapidly driven by the needs of the Horticultural industry in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Working with innovative, independent scientists and researchers to develop products that are effective while being more environmentally sustainable. In turn helping the industry meet the challenging demands of consumers and enabling crops to be grown more sustainably.




A Brief History

We are proud to be industry leaders in the manufacture and development of range of plant growth regulators for a vast array of crops and conditions. From flower and fruit thinning, to canopy management and tree establishment. Also innovative fruit sizing and ripening products. All backed by comprehensive support and ongoing research and development.

We are a major manufacturer and supplier of key products for organic growers. Providing growers with quality options for the control of a wide range of pests and diseases as well as innovative nutrition. By working with independent research partners and growers, Grochem is able to develop and provide organic products that makes growing organically viable.