Grochem & Unicef raise $92,000

Grochem & Unicef raise $92,000

Grochem and Unifef raise $92,000 for clean water and sanitation in Vanuatu.

The rapid growth in the kiwifruit and pipfruit sectors has meant growers have had to seek more staff for harvest, many of the workers are ‘Recognised Seasonal Employees’ (RSE) who travel from overseas to work in New Zealand during these demanding times. With a large proportion of these RSE working coming from Vanuatu, the nation that was devastated by Cyclone Pam only two years ago, Grochem recognised an opportunity to make a difference to the RSE workers and their families.

With the support of UNICEF, Grochem has raised a total of $92,000 towards a clean water and sanitation project for 10,000 school-aged children in Vanuatu. Inspired by the fungicide producer who makes Nordox, Grochem raised $18,400 of the final total through sales of the product here in New Zealand. Along with Grochem and UNICEF’s efforts, the New Zealand Government contributed additional funds to the campaign.

Grochem General Manager  Grant Morrish said the workers that leave their families and homes for such a long period of time, provide a great benefit to our growers in New Zealand, and Grochem are invested in giving back.

“We began our search to find different ways to provide support to Vanuatu and it wasn’t long before we found UNICEF. UNICEF was promoting a large-scale 5-year project for Vanuatu to provide clean water and sanitation to 157 schools in the Penema region. After discussing with UNICEF, we began shaping the Nordox campaign to support this project.”

Mr Morrish said UNICEF had indicated that the New Zealand Government were looking to also support the project.

“Once UNICEF heard about the money we had raised, they were able to confirm that the New Zealand Government would contribute another $4 to every $1 we had made for the project. We really want to thank Grochem, Nordox, staff and especially the growers who purchased Nordox, for supporting this campaign and making it the success that it has been. What a wonderful outcome for all involved.”

Nordox (Cupruous Oxide) is a disease control solution for various horticulture crops and a lead selling product for Grochem. It’s made using the highest quality copper under strict environmental conditions. The supplier of Nordox, does similar charitable work in Africa.

Grochem is a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable products for growers including plant nutrition, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. They work with innovative, independent scientists and researchers to develop products that are effective while being environmentally sustainable.

To continue to support the great work Grochem is doing, you can purchase Nordox at leading retailers.