Grochem lifts the bar on quality control

Grochem lifts the bar on quality control
A growing force in New Zealand’s agrinutrients and agrichemicals sector, Grochem is focussing on expanding its range of products for local horticultural businesses and developing its international markets.
Behind every facet of the operation is a total focus on meeting international standards in the vital areas of food safety and quality control.

George McHardy, business manager and one of three directors and shareholders in Grochem, said the Porirua-based company blends a range of imported and New Zealand ingredients onsite, strictly adhering to every possible international testing regime. Thus providing security to both distribution and growers.

Grochem has its own quality control testing facilities on its premises. They have recently installed some of the latest, hightech equipment available internationally which was previously only able to be accessed offshore. Independent laboratories are also still utilised for testing and certifi cation of products.

For over 20 years, Grochem has worked closely with the local horticulture industry and independent researchers to develop an extensive range of products that meet industry requirements in four specific areas – plant nutrition, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators. Many of these are the company’s own ‘recipes’, developed for New Zealand soils and climate, and the prevailing pests, fungus and diseases.

In addition, Grochem partner with a number of multinational agrichemical companies to bring speciality products to growers.

The company has a dedicated staff of sixteen, including a chemist, research manager and technical field agronomists with extensive experience.

Grochem imports raw materials from a number of overseas countries, including USA, Chile, China, Japan, Norway and Germany, and while these meet certifi cate of analysis before export, they are all rigorously tested on arrival to ensure the passage out, across the equator, has not altered the chemical signature.

The Orchardist  |  August 2014

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